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Serving the Houston Metropolitan Area Since 2005 ~ Specializing in Memorial, Bellaire, West University Place, Southside Place, Memorial Villages, the Galleria area, downtown Houston, Champions and NE Houston, Katy and surrounding areas.  

References will be provided at your complementary consultation.

"I wanted to say THANK YOU for being so great this year.  You've made Atkins very easy for me to do (and yummy!) and I've lost 23lbs because of it.  Thank you!"  KDZ/Houston

"We were absolutely thrilled with everything you did for Don's birthday party.  Every single morsel was perfect!  Thank you for the wine suggestions, too.  I'm sure others will be calling you and I know I will again, soon.  You are a true professional!"  J. Anthis/Houston

"Hi, Jo -- Our dinner last night was super!  Everything was delicious and our friends loved every bite too!  Easiest dinner party I think that I've ever had!  Thanks so much."  E. Herring/Houston

"On behalf of my entire family, I would like to thank you for preparing a wonderful meal. Words can't express just how memorable you made my mother's 60th birthday.  Your culinary skills FAR exceeded our expectations. Just when we thought the meal couldn't get any kept surprising us! I could go on and on and on.... I honestly believe that there is no better chef in the world! Not to mention you have the personality to match! Thank you again!"  A. McFadden/Houston

"The beans were fantastic!  We ate the enchilada casserole & forgot the beans, so we had them for an extra meal & they were delicious!  Everything was good!  We are so appreciative, Jo!"  Madeleine A./Houston

"George thinks he has died and gone to heaven!  Everything is fabulous!"  Linda/Houston

"Jo, our Thanksgiving food was perfect.  The macaroni and cheese was a great hit with the children; the stuffing was a great hit with the adults as were the vegetables.  My oldest son was tickled to have the sweet potatoes.  We're still munching on it all.  Thank you for making Thanksgiving at our home easy for me and a wonderful success."  M.A./Houston

"Chef Jo,  I wanted to let you know how terrific our first meal prepared by you was.  The food was absolutely delicious and fresh.  From the first bite of the lasagna our son was moaning in ecstasy.  Life was certainly less hectic yesterday and now we look forward to dinner.  Can't wait to eat our next meal!  We really appreciate your efforts and talents."  J.M./Houston
From a gift certificate recipient:  "We tried small servings of the enchiladas and mac & cheese last night -they were great!!!  And so were the cookies.  Just having the salad right now for lunch & it is also great!! And, the house smelled so good when I walked in:-)"  Traci/Missouri City
"I just wanted to let you know how amazing each meal was. I particularly loved the Chicken Paillard, but they were all so good that I really can't choose a favorite.  We usually pace ourselves and spread out the meals throughout the two weeks between your visits, but this time, we gobbled everything up in 5 days! By the way, I keep meaning to congratulate you on your PCN award every time I see you, but forget. In my mind you deserve any award out there."  R.W./Houston

Regarding gift certificate fulfillment:  "I overheard Patricia describe your service to us last year. She has about 90% of our household long term memory but it still amazed me in what detail she remembered it; all the meals, the ingredients and their quality, the cleanliness and fastidious maintenance of it. You would have blushed to hear it." RM/Houston
"The enchiladas were the best I've ever eaten and the beans were delicious.  The asparagus was a treat....Thanks for making our quality of life better!"  M.A./Bellaire
"Chef Jo,  I meant to e-mail this weekend, but I got sidetracked with errands (and work, unfortunately). Let me say that I'm THOROUGHLY enjoying the food (and the cookies!)!! I'm usually not a big fan of salmon, but the pistachio crust was the perfect accent - it was the first thing I ate, and I was REALLY psyched about how great it tasted. I've also dipped into the Thai chicken (so that the salad wouldn't go bad), and that was really good, too. I especially liked the ginger dressing....But EVERYTHING so far has tasted wonderful!"  D.W./Houston
"...we were oohing and aahing about the pork with the mushroom fricasee, particularly the fig, bleu cheese, and aged balsamic appetizer.  You know, you could make us that every week, and we'd be REALLY happy.  That dish reminded us of how much we loved the figs we ate in Sonoma Valley, which is what actually started our love affair with fresh figs.  Of course, we're looking forward to the other two dishes as well, but I wanted to just drop you a line to let you know how good it was."  David/Houston
"We recently finished our meals...they were awesome! All of them were very, very delicious. Of course, our favorite was the goat cheese enchiladas but I also really loved the stuffed chicken breasts. Those were fabulous!  Thanks again for such wonderful cooking!"  Allie P./Cy-Fair
"Chef Jo,
I just wanted to thank you for making our engagement party such a great one.  Everyone is still raving about the food you prepared!   I was thoroughly impressed with everything.  I cannot wait to have you over again for another occasion.
Thanks again!!"  Sam S./Houston
"As I'm sitting here at the computer, eating the soup, I just had to tell you how amazing it is! My eyes are tearing, my lips are burning, and I'm loving every bite! The cornbread is awesome and I know Dave will really love it!"  R.W./Houston
"...we had the salmon last night and my husband and I loved it!  You are such a great chef!"  P. Kinney/Houston
Now that the dust has settled, I can reflect back on Saturday night and say it was a wonderful party!  The food was delicious, and enjoyed by all! Now that I have experienced "Chef Jo's" routine, I can say how much I look forward to the next event!  Camille A./Sugar Land
Regarding cooking classes..."The girls are still talking about how much they loved what you taught them last are right on about what they like to eat & hopefully will prepare for themselves & guests!"  Kay Z./Houston
"We are always so busy and on the run!  It has been the biggest life-saver to come home from Little League or ballet lessons to your awesome, home cooked meals!  No more take out for us!!"  Sarah M./Memorial
"Well, I just don't know what to say, you've outdone yourself again. I just don't know what order I should list last week's dishes! They were all AWESOME. The Chicken Cheddar soup was warm, FLAVORFUL and perfect for lunchtime. We had to refrain ourselves to stick to the serving size. Crusty bread for dipping just takes it over the top!  The Chicken Pot Pie with Root Veggies  was such a wonderful comfort food. I'm glad that we found a light version of this recipe - I don't think that we'll ever need to go back to a full-fat version with this in hand!  The Pork Roast with Fennel and Pears was delicious - what a combo!"  D.W./Houston 

Regarding fullfillment of a gift certificate:  "... called me last night to say how thoroughly professional and kind you
were, and to tell me this was one of the best gifts they had ever received! Kim I./Cypress

"The food from your first visit was great!  The chicken tikka was just like the one from my favorite Indian restaurant, and the roasted butternut squash, awesome!  And that pork, wow!!!  Another big plus, Mark and I have noticed a few pounds missing!!  Your cooking helped in keeping us away from the fatty restaurant take out fare, thank you."  Elsa D./Pearland

"We had the black bean mango salsa and fish last night.  It was all delicious and, of course, the bread is to die for!  Thank you, thank you!"  Portia K./Houston
"Jo, just wanted to give you one more thanks for your help on the party.  People are still calling to say how great the food was.  We appreciate you, and look forward to having you cook for us again!"  Carol M./West University
"We have thoroughly enjoyed everything you prepared.  The quinoa pilaf was very interesting and tasty...we LOVED the lamb - that is on my personal top-10 list.  One of the things we have enjoyed most about your cooking is the wonderful way you spice everything." David W./Houston
"Our compliments to the chef!!  Last night we had the beef stroganoff, green beans and salad with your homemade dressing.  Everything was wonderful!"  Patty B./Houston
"You take comfort food to a whole new level"  Dana N./Spring

"I've yet to taste any of your dishes that were less than amazing"  Felicia B./Sugar Land

"Thank you so much for the incredible meals...they are all to-die-for.  I'm so glad we hired you and I really don't know what we did without you!"  Sandy M./Bellaire

"We really enjoyed the meals...and our son has eaten more vegetables in the past two weeks than in 6 months!  We really enjoyed the convenience of having dinner ready!"  Missy M./Pearland

"Your cooking classes were the most fun I've had in quite a while.  Not to mention that I now know how to make some great dishes all on my own!" Robbie G./Houston
"That was the best meal I have ever eaten - seriously!  Katharine S./Houston
"Thank you again for the fabulous dinner and experience the other night!  We are passing out your cards right and left!"  Carla O./Houston
"The food was spectacular from start to favorite was the steak.  The sauce was superb!  You did a fantastic job!!"  Molly S./Houston
"...and your food was so good, it was the first time we didn't have to bribe our 3-year-old to eat!  He ate every bite and asked for more!!"  Barry J./Sugar Land
"We are thoroughly enjoying your wonderful cooking and we're having lots of fun buying new dishes, tableware and serving pieces!"  Patty B./Houston

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Chef Jo's Home Cooking, Inc. ~ Serving the Houston Metropolitan Area Since 2005


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