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Serving the Houston Metropolitan Area Since 2005 ~ Specializing in Memorial, Bellaire, West University Place, Southside Place, Memorial Villages, the Galleria area, downtown Houston, Champions and NE Houston, Katy and surrounding areas.

Chef Jo's home cooking is available to you in several different packages.  All packages are based on the number of entrees you need and can be scheduled on a biweekly or monthly basis. 

Here is a sample of my most popular packages: 

# of meals
(with 4 servings of each entree)

Chef Service Fee

3 Entrees              3 meals for a family of four or          $300-375
                             6 meals for a couple or
                             12 meals for a single

4 Entrees              4 meals for a family of four or          $325-400
                             8 meals for a couple or
                             16 meals for a single

5-6 Entrees           5 meals for a family of four or          $375-575
                             10 meals for a couple or
                             20 meals for a single

The chef service fee includes:

  • The initial complimentary client consultation and comprehensive dietary assessment,
  • Personalized menu planning,
  • Grocery shopping,
  • Use of my chef kit (an extensive compilation consisting of items such as a pressure cooker, blender, specialty pots, pans and utensils...even my grandmother's cast iron skillets!  I only use my own equipment when I prepare your food.)
  • Handcrafted and personalized food preparation and packaging,
  • Use of my high-quality pantry items, including only the best dry goods, pastas, rices, highest quality Penzey's spices, organic sugar, flour, oils, gourmet vinegars and condiments (using my pantry items saves you additional grocery costs and assures the best tasting meals!).  I have also invested in an extensive organic herb garden from which I pick herbs, fresh, every cook date for your meals.

Price Range ~ Reflects entrees prepared both with or without side dishes.  Many of my clients feel comfortable preparing their own sides and, for them, the entree-only service is the way to go.  Other packages and options are available and if you will call or email me, we can discuss your specific needs. 

Number of Servings ~ The above chart is based on 4 servings of each entree.  I will be happy to prepare anywhere from 2-6 servings of your entrees.  There will be an extra charge of $50 for more than 6 servings.

Groceries & Packaging ~ Groceries and initial packaging are extra.  Packaging can include whatever you feel most comfortable with:  Rubbermaid, Gladware, or Pyrex.

Special Diets ~ Some special diets may require additional time for menu planning, nutritional calculations, or shopping at specialty food stores.  Therefore, for some special diets, $50 fee per cook date will be added. Please note that not all special diets will incur a special diet fee, only those on which I spend a large amount of time inputting and/or pulling information.

Single-Serving Packaging ~ Single-serving packaging takes quite a bit of extra time on my part.  Therefore, an additional fee of $50 per cook date will apply for single-serving packaging.

Payment ~ Payment of a grocery deposit and chef service fee is due in advance of the cook date. Any overpayment of the grocery deposit will be credited to the next session or refunded. Any grocery overage will be noted and added to the next cook date's invoice, which I leave with you.  Payment methods are personal check or cash.

Prices effective August 1, 2012 and subject to change without notice.


Call or email Chef Jo today to set up your free, no-obligation consultation:

Tel: 832-687-0490

Email: Email Chef Jo 

Chef Jo’s Home Cooking, Inc. ~ Serving the Houston Metropolitan Area Since 2005


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