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Is It Worth It?

How Does It Work? 

Serving the Houston Metropolitan Area Since 2005 ~ Specializing in Memorial, Bellaire, West University Place, Southside Place, Memorial Villages, the Galleria area, downtown Houston, Champions and NE Houston, Katy and surrounding areas.

Is it worth it?  Yes!  Here's why:


  • Coming home from work...
  • You're tired and hungry...
  • And, in minutes, you are enjoying a delicious, homecooked meal!
  • Best of all, you didn't have to shop, cook, or clean up!  It was all done by your very own Personal Chef!

One of the questions I have asked of me most often is "Is this expensive?".  No!  It isn't!  People are frequently very surprised when they find out how cost effective it is to have a Personal Chef. 

First of all, in having a Personal Chef, you will be replacing most, if not all, of the money you spend on costly restaurant meals, not to mention the money you spend (with the best of intentions) buying food, never having time to actually cook it, then throwing it out.  This alone can add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year! 

Several of my clients have actually totalled their restaurant, take-out and grocery costs for one month and have found that they are spending upwards of $1500 per month!  They are actually saving money with my service!!  And, the meals they are getting are home cooked, nutritious, delicious and, most importantly, made specially for THEM!!

Also, what is your TIME worth!? 

  • Tick tock, it's six o'clock and your kids are HUNGRY!  Do you waste time digging through a drawer looking for those delivery menus?  Do you get dressed and go to the store?  Do you drag them crying and miserable to a restaurant?  You just don't have TIME for ANY of these options!
  • Speaking of much time do you waste every week scrounging for something to eat only to end up with a half-moldy piece of cheese and some stale crackers? 
  • How much time do you spend vacantly pushing a grocery cart through the store desperately trying to find something healthy, but not too time-consuming, to fix for dinner? 
  • How much time do you spend driving to restaurants, hunting for a parking spot, waiting in line, waiting for the waiter to notice you, waiting for your food, waiting for your food again because you sent it back because it was smothered in garlic and you specifically said "NO GARLIC!", waiting for the check, waiting for your car, waiting for all those red lights to change so you can just go home and rest
  • How much time do you spend sitting and staring at each other while waiting for the delivery guy to show up with your third pizza of the week? 
  • How many hours have you spent in the past year sitting in the drive-thru at fast food restaurants?  (And this food is definitely not good for you or your family!!)
  • What if you added up all the hours a week or month you spend doing just these things?  What if you put a dollar figure to these accumulated hours?  What is your time really worth???  A Personal Chef can save you precious time!

Do you REALLY want to get up, get re-dressed and go out to a restaurant after coming home from work?  Do you REALLY want to serve your kids that third pizza of the week with all the fat and calories that come with it? Wouldn't you honestly rather get in your sweats and sit down with your kids at the table with a delicious, home cooked meal and have a cozy, family dinner?  You know you would!!

Having a Personal Chef is Affordable!

Did you know that most Personal Chef clients are just regular, time-starved professionals and their families? 

As a matter of fact, the price per meal for my service is about the same as any meal at a mid-priced restaurant such as TGI Fridays, Texas Land and Cattle, Pappadeaux, Pappasitos, Carrabba's, or La Madeleine (or between $16 and $30 per meal, depending upon which package you choose).

If you factor in not only the cost of your meal, but taxes, tips, the high cost-per-gallon of gas (and the additional expense of babysitters, if you have small children) you will see that your restaurant-eating experience can be quite costly! 

The beauty of a Personal Chef is�you don�t have to leave home for an affordable, delicious meal!  You receive custom-designed and nutritious meals that are prepared right in your own kitchen, stored in your refrigerator and ready to heat and eat!

And, remember, what you will spend on a Personal Chef service is REPLACING the money you HAVE been spending on restaurant meals ~ and, most times will actually save you money!

The cost of a Personal Chef is very affordable, AND:

  • You are eating healthy, homecooked meals ~ NOT greasy, fast food!
  • You are spending time in your home, with your family, sharing and talking!
  • You are getting extra time in your life!
  • You will be saving on your overall grocery that doesn't go to waste, no impulse buys during last minute grocery runs (and save you gas as a by-product...and by eliminating those desperation runs for groceries or dinners out). A Personal Chef is the perfect recession tool!
  • Is is worth it?? Absolutely!!

How Does it Work?

Standard Personal Chef Service:

The standard personal chef meal service works this way:

  • It all starts with the complimentary consultation where together we fill out my extensive food questionnaire.  This is to find out any dietary issues you may have as well as to pinpoint your likes and dislikes.
  • We decide on a package and then on a schedule of cook dates, which will be either once every other week, or once a month (depending upon what your needs are) where I will come to your home and prepare all of your meals at once
  • Personalized menu selections are prepared based on your the consultation and on the details provided in the completed food questionnaire
  • The morning of your cookdate, I shop for the freshest ingredients available
  • I will typically arrive at your home at around 10:30 a.m. and will complete the meals between around 2 p.m. (depending upon the number of meals and sides being prepared) 
  • I bring most pots, pans and utensils needed to prepare your meals, but will sometimes use clients pots or pans (i.e. slow cookers, large soup/stock pots)
  • I cook all of your personalized meals in your kitchen
  • Label your meals with heating instructions AND leave you with a menu detailing your heating instructions
  • Put your fresh, homecooked meals in your refrigerator
  • Leave you with an immaculate and deliciously fragrant kitchen

All meals will be left in the refrigerator so you may choose which ones you would like to eat over the next 3-4 days, and what you would like to freeze for later.  Your meals will always be packaged suitable for freezing and I indicate "freeze by" dates on your heating instructions.

Also, please know that I request a 3-month commitment from my clients, as it takes several cook dates for us to get in sync with each other, for me to apply your feedback, for me to tweak the seasoning in your meals to your preference, to get used to your kitchen layout and appliances.  All of my clients love my initial meals, but, as with anything, it gets better with time!

Grocery costs are separate from my fee, enabling you have whatever types of meals you prefer.  This gives you more control over the total cost since the cost of groceries is determined by the menus you select. 

Packages include side dishes, as appropriate (some menu items are full meals when completed and some menu items will require a side dish) and this does include one side per entree.  I also offer entrees without sides, for those who are comfortable preparing packaged grains, steaming their own veggies or making their own salads. 

Please call for a free consultation so we can sit down together and work out a plan that fits your budget and your needs. 

Payment and Scheduling ~ Payment is due prior to cook date. To secure regular service, please reserve your cook date as far in advance as possible. Payment may be made by check or cash.

Cancellation Policy ~ Please understand that this is how I make my living!  Anytime a client cancels a cookdate at the last minute, it takes away my income for that day!

Payment is due for my cheffing fee for any cancellations received less than 72 hours (three days) in advance of a scheduled cook date. This does not apply to rescheduled cook dates.

If cancellation is due to an emergency, this policy does not apply. (Please note that an emergency entails something along the lines of:  "My Mom is in the hospital and I have to go check on her.", or "I have swine flu and don't want you to catch it.", or "My house burned down last night.") 

If, by chance, I have purchased groceries prior to a cancellation, the grocery fee will be completely non-refundable regardless of circumstances or rescheduling.

NSF Policy ~ Should a check be returned for NSF, client will be responsible for all charges/fees levied by the bank.

Lock-out Policy ~ If I am locked out of your house on a cook date and am unable to contact you to get in, there will be a $25 lock-out fee.

Guarantee ~ This is my promise to you: If you are unsatisfied with any meal, I will replace it free.

PLEASE NOTE:  Chef Jo DOES NOT DELIVER!  If you DO find a Personal Chef who delivers, please make certain they are cooking from a licensed commercial kitchen!

Call or email Chef Jo today to set up your free, no-obligation consultation:

Tel: 832-687-0490

Email: Email Chef Jo 

Chef Jo�s Home Cooking, Inc. ~ Serving the Houston Metropolitan Area Since 2005


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